Jesse Lee

Jesse Lee was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1957 and in 1978 he moved to Colorado Springs where he ran machinery to make printed circuit boards for about ten years. He than went on to a degree in accounting in 1991.

Jesse began crafting in 1994 and moved to Asheville in 1995. He started by making small items like CD boxes and progressed to making picture frames from recycled materials such as barn wood and ceiling tin.

He began working in professional frame shops in 2000. This helped him learn more abut framing while also learning to use a variety of materials. Now he uses copper, ceiling tin, barn shingles and aluminum siding, hea duct and just about anything he can cut with hand shears and get a small nail to hold down!

Since 2005 he has been making wall hangings as well as metal wrapped frames. He has recently evolved to creating abstract and patchwork pieces….a departure coming from accounting and framing where things are square and balanced.

“The journey continues to be as satisfying and interesting as the pieces I create.”