Pat Perkerson

“Although I trained as a painter, I have fallen in love with the ancient textile art of wool felting. Many artists create felt using a wet technique, which I occasionally use with recycled wool. However, I mainly create my felt using needles to bond layers of roving, unspun hanks of colored fiber. I use up to 12 sharp, barbed needles, punching together many layers and colors of fiber until they become a strong piece of fabric, a process that can take me five to ten hours. In addition to felting layers of sheep wool, I add various other fibers such as angora goat wool, silk, or bamboo fiber. To me, this is painting with fiber, whether I am making a piece for personal adornment, or for a wall hanging.

When I have felted a piece of strong cloth, I then agitate it with soap and hot water to further shrink and strengthen it.

Once the fabric has dried, I cut and stitch it into the desired product, then further ornament it with appliqué, hand embroidery, beads, buttons, or ribbon. Wall hangings are stitched to canvas and framed for display”